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Hello world!

Greetings Blogosphere!

After years of taking the Heel-Toe Express up the stairs to work every day, the reintroduction of public transportation to my life has inspired me to get back to doing what I do best: waxing “philosophically” (sometimes poetically and most often sarcastically) about the people that make up this great city (Toronto for the unenlightened), whether they’re merely travelling with me as I make my way to and from work or the direct cause of my ire (yeah, Rob Ford, that would be you). I may also feel the need to comment on everything from television and film, the news, and anything really that mistakenly lodges itself in my brain. Hopefully this will be fun and entertaining for those smart enough to follow me (yes, I’m channelling Stephen Colbert), and a mild form of therapy for my rapidly declining brain cells.


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