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Sn-ice + Hills + Me = Doomed

You know when you walk out in the morning to find a thick layer of sn-ice blanketing the ground and a feeling of dread settles over you as you think about the double-tiered downhill journey before you en route to the streetcar, but you trudge on anyway, managing to stay upright down the first no-nonsense hill (despite the fact that the so-called kind souls who had shovelled the evening before had left their sidewalks barren of snow and plentiful with ice), a small amount of relief kicking in as you slowly and painstakingly wind your way down the gently descending (yet deceivingly long) hill – a victory dance flashing in your head as safe, flat ground looms before you – only to be foiled by the last foot of it, when you find yourself flailing and contorting like Bambi on ice to find balance as you skid off the sidewalk onto the even icier roadway? Welcome to my morning. ;p *No Colleens were harmed during the making of this vignette.*

(Originally posted December 30, 2011 on Facebook)


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