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Circumventing a Bieber run-in

You know, I don’t usually have much use for Justin Bieber fans, but their high-pitched screams – which could be heard from 6 blocks away – were able to penetrate my cold-addled brain fog, just in time to remind me that my normal route to the streetcar was about to be disrupted by hundreds (probably more in the thousands range) of hysterical tweens and teens waiting outside Massey Hall for tonight’s taping of the Bieber Christmas Special. If I can barely tolerate the Christmas sidewalk traffic, you must be able to imagine where my thoughts turned when I pictured having a run-in with Bieber groupies (I know, I swear a lot!). So thanks, Bieber fans. May we keep never meeting up. ;p

(Originally posted December 21, 2011 on Facebook)


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