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Heartfelt Obscenities to you and you and you…

I’d just like to give a shout out to the crazy guy that spent at least an hour and a half, yesterday morning, screaming obscenities – well, specifically the one nearest and dearest to my vocabulary – as he paced back and forth along the street outside my office. While I hope you were not genuinely distressed over something in particular, the gusto with which you delivered your heartfelt – and unapologetically thorough (at least once for every individual in Toronto) – cry did not go unnoticed by anyone within a five block radius. If your goal was to vocalize the very thought that most Torontonians internalized when they were gut-punched by the arctic air that greeted them first thing, you more than met it. Congratulations. And thank you. Thank you also for finally shutting the eff up.
(Originally posted January 4th, 2012 on Facebook)

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