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Mere Observations

Tonight’s random thoughts:

1) Thank god for menopausal women on the streetcar. If it wasn’t for them pulling the windows wide open, letting the cool air breeze down the aisles of a packed car, we’d all die from the heat. I promise to pay it forward when my time comes.

2) What is up with women wearing their little ballet flats sans any kind of socks or tights with the temperature hovering around zero and a smattering of snow on the ground? No one’s telling you to put pantyhose on (the Horror, the Horror), but why not take advantage of the current legging/tights trend, the latest throwback to 80’s fashion? As it is, I was forced to don an extra pair of mittens to make up for your heat loss.

3) If you have to contort your body into an unnatural position in order to stay upright and adjust your walking speed to a teetering snail’s pace to accomodate a listing 5-inch spike heel, your shoes are too high.  Note to the woman who was dangerously close to breaking an ankle: your taste in fashion is impeccable. Unfortunately, lurching around like a new foal learning to walk kinda ruined the effect.

(Originally posted December 9th, 2011 on Facebook)

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