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S’not Right

To the sidewalk menace who felt the need to express snot onto the sidewalk while he was walking past me, I move to have you banned from all city sidewalks and well, public areas in general. Kleenex was invented for a reason. A good ol’ fashioned sniffle works too if you need to bide your time. Hell, a sleeve wipe would have been more acceptable. Barring those options, go find a nice quiet alleyway or side street nowhere near your fellow pedestrians and have at it. Firing snot at passersby goes against the code of the sidewalk and well, pretty much every kind of etiquette in existence. I hate to make a judgement call on what type of person you are based on the nice suit, shoes and briefcase you were wearing, but you at least looked educated enough to know better.
(Originally posted January 26, 2012 on Facebook)

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