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Today’s streetcar fun:
1) If your butt cheeks (minds out of gutters – they were clad in boxers) are the part of you that’s clasping the pole in the streetcar with an iron grip, your pants are too low. Never before have I witnessed such a ringing endorsement for wearing your pants at your waist, instead of down around your thighs. ;p
2) Mullet guy is offically beginning to look like the unibomber. His “party in the back” has integrated with what was formerly a handlebar moustache to create one nasty, unkempt face and head of hair. If it weren’t for the teal leather jacket (which gives me some hope), I’d be starting to warn people. ;p
3) Remember those white, slightly pointed, slightly platform shoes that Ducky wore in Pretty In Pink? They’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccckk – and not in a fun nostalgic way. Yet another example of eighties fashions coming back to haunt us when they really, really need to stay firmly planted in their rightful era. Kudos to the androgenous kid (I seriously have no idea what their gender was) who not only sported the shoes, but also had a bandana across their forehead, a Jon Cryer hat atop their head and the requisite pair of skinny jeans. If you’re gonna go Ducky, you might as well not half-ass it.
(Originally posted March 14, 2012 on Facebook)

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