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Celebrity Squinting

There’s a game I sometimes play when I get on the streetcar and it involves figuring out what celebrity the streetcarites around me resemble. It’s kinda funny how many people could work as doppelgangers for the rich and famous, but then me not having my glasses on may have something to do with that. I thought that was the case this evening, on the long walk home (yup, that’s code for “got short-turned”), when I spotted a gal a block away who, from behind, was the same height (uber short) and same colouring as the character Jules from Flashpoint (DISCLAIMER: I am paid to watch this show – I would not choose to watch this of my own free will). Imagine my surprise when I got within a couple feet of her and her kid and realized that it was indeed Amy Jo Johnson (you may remember her from the show Felicity) . The stink-eye she was shooting me as I approached knocked some of the wind out of my self-congratulatory sails for my well-spotted quarry, but then I remembered I didn’t actually care it was her, it was that I guessed right. ;p
Originally posted March 13, 2012 on Facebook)

2 responses to “Celebrity Squinting

  1. saradraws

    Oh Flashpoint…I’ve never seen it, and I won’t because if it’s bad my heart will break. Hugh Dillon was my crush/idol for many many years (I never really got over him). So, I will just be blissfully ignorant regarding the show’s quality and be happy for all of Hugh’s success.
    And what’s with the stink eye? I hope you stink-eyed her back. ANd her damn kid too.

  2. cOlLeEn

    You know, it’s not really the actors that are the problem, it’s the writing of the show that stinks. When you’re forced to yell, “Get down, get down on the ground!” every 10 seconds, there’s really not much room to give a nuanced performance. Personally, I prefer Hugh in Durham County – he gets to use his acting chops a bit more, but I’m sure somewhere out there there are people that really love him in Flashpoint. ;p

    And yeah, I got stink-eye all right. Not sure why. It’s not like I slowed down. I just smiled and walked passed her. Why waste perfectly good stink-eye energy on her when I can take the higher road? ;p

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