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Dead Feet Walking

For the unenlightened, during the evening ride, there’s a sense of dread that settles over the streetcar when it begins to approach the streetcar yard at Connaught Street because that’s the stop where it’s determined whether a streetcar will short-turn or not. It’s probably the most holy of times because everyone is praying their streetcar doesn’t get the short-turn nod. This evening, we got a double whammy: not only were all streetcars turning back at Kingston Road due to a pedestrian accident at my streetcar stop, but the buses they were using to shuttle people further into the beaches were only going as far as Woodbine (2 stops beyond Kingston Rd). That was the moment when I realized that my decision to bring my high-heeled boots out of hibernation today was a poor one.
(Originally posted March 7, 2012 on Facebook)

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