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He’s A Maniac, Maniac…

About a million years ago (well, it’s more like 9 years, in fact), we had this male courier appear in the office wearing rainbow-coloured leg warmers over loose grey jogging pants, a skintight pink tank top (which exposed all kinds of things that no one should have to see) and a thick white headband holding back his sweaty long hair. Small portion of the story short, eyes were averted, cheeks were bitten and ultimately it ended in a co-worker tearing off to the other side of the building so she could burst out laughing (which could be heard everywhere). Apparently the movie Flashdance kept haunting her brain and the courier was starring in it. ;p
Fastforward a few “million” years,  and I’m pretty sure I came across “Flashdance” today while passing through the Ryerson Campus. His multi-coloured hammer pants, colour-blocked (navy and pink) spring jacket, fountain-style ponytail on the top of his head and the boombox blaring Van Halen were the dead giveaway. He’s the only person I know who’s completely on trend with the current return to ’80s fashion.
(Originally posted March 3, 2012 on Facebook)

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