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Jazz Hands

You know when you’re on the streetcar and you spot that gal in her black coat and black boots – carefully dressed so as not to betray her true character – and she suddenly slings the most colourful, ultra-sparkly bag you’ve ever seen over her shoulder and you feel like you should honour her brilliant flash of personality by throwing out some jazz hands and shouting “Razzmatazz!”? Let’s just say cartoon me – the one who’s more than willing to do that kind of thing publicly – was all over that (I can’t be certain, but I think cartoon me may have also added in a bit of the grapevine to really jazz it up (which was no small feat given the zig and the zag of the streetcar)). ;p

(Originally posted February 8, 2012 on Facebook)


2 responses to “Jazz Hands

  1. saradraws

    I now have something to envision every time i see something razzmatazz worthy. You, cartoon, jazz hands.

  2. cOlLeEn

    You better make sure I’m wearing sequined gloves and a top hat! ;p

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