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Streetcar Offensive

The streetcar driver was laying down a lot of angry horn tonight. Well, as angry as a streetcar horn can sound (ding-ding!). I’m not sure if he was having a bad night or if the drivers around us were the cause of his ire, but it felt like the horn was blasting and the bells were clanging a lot more than usual. My issue: do drivers actually take notice of the jingly horn when they’ve disobeyed the rules of sharing the road with a streetcar? Why aren’t the streetcars (well, all cars really) equipped with a horn that shouts, “Hey, a&%hole, you nearly mowed down 12 passengers!” or “What the eff was that?! Learn how to drive!” 1) That would be way more fun to listen to during rush hour and 2) I think you’d probably feel a little bad about however you offended the streetcar and would think twice about doing it again. ;p
(Originally posted February 21, 2012 on Facebook)

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