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The Test

You know when you get on the streetcar, just stupidly tired, and the woman next to you starts doing a flirty, pre-officially-dating phone interview with the boyfriend-to-be and you suddenly feel a) is this for real? and b) really anxious on the dude’s behalf because she’s seriously going through a list of questions that he needs to nail before he gets the go-ahead, including: “I’m seriously like two handfuls, so how do you think you’ll be able to handle me?” And my personal favourite: “Why do you want ME? No, why do you want ME?” To which the dude clearly makes a reference to sex (kudos to him, I think, for being honest) and then she poses the toughest question of all: “But after you get a taste of the honey, what’s to keep you coming back?” Bravo, young lady. Bravo. Who knew the road to officialdom could be so businesslike and efficient.
(Originally posted February 7, 2012 on Facebook)

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